Why add yoga to your exercise routine?

Yoga has benefits for everyone regardless of whether you are into solo runs, high intensity circuits or group exercise.

  1. Develop mind body connections
    • Yoga takes into consideration that the body is one whole machine. The brain is the master and the body acts out what the brain tells it to do.  By linking breath and movement we can find links between mind and body so that our vessel can work together more efficiently on and off the mat.
  2. Increase concentration and focus
    • On the mat, a focus is placed on intentionality. Anyone can hold a nice Warrior pose, with arms extended overhead.  The work comes from holding that pose while making sure that the front foot has toes spread wide, both thighs are engaged to support the weight of the body, the front hip is pulling back and back hip pulling forward to integrate the pelvis and help you balance, and the shoulders are pulled into their sockets.  All the little things keep your mind busy and focused on the task at hand, so it cannot wander off to other places.
  3. Relax
    • Yoga slows the mind and allows us time to step away from the craziness of our everyday responsibilities. By quieting the mind, you can hit a mental reset button on stress, anxiety and fear, and walk away from the mat feeling refreshed.
  4. Lower Tension
    • In every pose, there are muscles that are supposed to be engaged and support you. Then there are also muscles that are supposed to be relaxed. As you move through the poses, you begin to gain a heightened awareness of where you hold stress, or tend to tense up.  When we notice these habits, they become easier to move away from, allowing the body to release tension.
  5. Increase breathing efficiency
    • We move through the majority of our day not focusing on the breath at all, counting on the diaphragm to contract and relax to meet our body’s oxygen needs. While on the mat, breath becomes intentional.  Through this intentionality, the breath tends to slow down and each inhale and exhale deepens.

Interesting in trying yoga and reaping these benefits? Check out the Campus Recreation Group Fitness Schedule for our daily yoga classes. You can try your first class for free and semester passes are only $55.