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6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Rate this article and enter to winDespite all the headlines about the latest trendy diet clogging up your news feed, experts say diets don’t actually work. “Diets are not only unsustainable—any diet you go...
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Simple Fix Cooking Class

Check out these clips from the Simple Fix cooking class presented by HyVee and UNL Campus Recreation in March 2017. The class was held in the Wellness Kitchen in the Recreation and Wellness Center,...
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Building a Better Salad

By: Lora Unger, Nutrition and Health Sciences Graduate StudentNot all salads are created equal! By using a little creativity and the following tips, you can build a salad that is both healthy and tastes...
Fuel Up Your Day With Breakfast

Fuel Up Your Day With Breakfast

By: Courtney Warday, BS, Dietetic InternThe Purpose of BreakfastBreakfast literally means "breaking the fast," the fast between dinner and lunch. If you don't eat breakfast, your body goes into a prolonged fasting state. Your...