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Monday, June 18, 2018
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The job prob: How learning to lead can help you succeed

Rate this article and enter to winMidterms month: time to evaluate our national or local leaders, get into bitter online arguments, and even vote. But as much as we complain when our leaders fall...
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The job prob: Forecasting your future in the job market

Rate this article and enter to winHow can you maximize your career prospects in our fast-evolving professional world? How can you use your time at college to position yourself for the job market you’ll...
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30 seconds to make an impression: How to market yourself in any situation

Rate this article and enter to winHave you ever been asked, “So, what do you want to do after college?” For most students, this question is commonplace, and daunting. But it doesn’t have to...
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Impress your interviewer: Tips for tackling tough questions

Rate this article and enter to winConvincing a stranger of your qualifications, dedication, and creativity can be awkward and scary. To help, here are a few of the most challenging interview questions, with advice...
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Get the scoop before your interview: 3 ways to stand out to potential employers

Rate this article and enter to winThe difference between getting a job and still searching can come down to doing some background research.Know Thy Potential EmployerAdrian Ferrera, a career services counselor at West Virginia...
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5 questions to answer in your cover letter

Rate this article and enter to winAbout 50 percent of the respondents to a recentStudent Health 101 survey think cover letters are essential for making a good impression on prospective employers, but 25 percent have...
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Organize your job search: Strategies for landing your ideal position

Rate this article and enter to winSearching for a job can feel as exciting as navigating the world of dating-but also as confusing. If you start looking with a plan to stay organized, it...
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5 skills to take away from any job or internship

Rate this article and enter to winYou applied. You interviewed. You’re hired. Congratulations!No matter what kind of job or internship you’ve secured, there are many opportunities to hone your skills and develop your interests...