Nebraska – Tobacco Free 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Quit Tobacco

Beginning January 1, 2018, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will prohibit smoking, tobacco use and vaping on university properties.

If you’ve thought about quitting, now is a great time to set your quit date and identify your reasons for quitting. Here are five reasons to consider knocking your tobacco habit:

  1. When the university goes tobacco-free in 2018, it will be a hassle to find a location off campus where you can use tobacco in between classes. Tobacco use will not be allowed on property that is university owned, leased, occupied, maintained or otherwise controlled by the university, even in your vehicle if it is located in these spaces. To learn more about this, visit the university’s tobacco-free website.
  2. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Exposure to smoke and smoking itself causes about 438,000 premature deaths each year.
  3. It’s expensive. To see how much you spend, calculate the average amount of money you spend on tobacco each day and multiply it by 365. Multiply that number by the number of years you’ve used tobacco. Consider what you’d rather do with this money. Not only is the habit itself expensive, but it also leads to more expensive health and life insurance costs.
  4. It may improve your job prospects. Some companies no longer hire tobacco users and even require a blood test during the hiring process. Choosing to quit before you enter the workforce will give you an edge in the competition among your fellow student smokers.
  5. You’ll smell better. If you’re a smoker, the intense scent of smoke seeps into your clothes, car, house/apartment and more. It also affects your breath. Kicking the habit could make your friends and loved ones more willing to be around you.

Quitting tobacco is difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. There are several different ways to quit and many resources available that can help you.

  • Schedule an appointment with a medical provider at Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center to talk about tobacco cessation.
  • Grab a free quit kit from Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center; no appointment is needed. These kits include supportive information from Tobacco Free Nebraska, chewing gum, bags of Quit Tea, a stress ball, chapstick, an activity book and more.
  • The Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center Pharmacy can fill medical prescriptions for cessation products and have over the counter cessation medications available with no prescription needed.
  • The Tobacco Cessation Clinic at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry provides individual counseling and personal follow-up for those who wish to stop smoking or stop using any form of tobacco. Clients are treated using a combination of drug therapy and one-on-one counseling at the clinic.
  • Tobacco Free Nebraska offers 24/7 access to free telephone cessation coaching and access to self-help materials by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW. A free two-week supply of tobacco cessation products is available to those who are medically eligible (valid while supplies last).
  • Download the This Is Quitting app for free. This app offers support from real quitters and gives you an opportunity to share your experiences with others fighting the same battle.
  • Visit to create a customized quit plan based on your goals, learn whether nicotine-replacement therapy is right for you and sign up for Smokefree TXT, a six to eight week text messaging program to support you.

Sources: Partnership for a Tobacco-Free Maine, U.S. National Library of Medicine, University of Nebraska-Lincoln tobacco-free.