Group Fitness Instructor March Highlight

By: Leah Adams

I’ve been teaching group fitness since the summer of 2013. Over time, various components of my classes have changed (format, equipment selection, music, class type, etc.). However, probably what has changed the most is my main goal for my participants.

I’ve always wanted to challenge those who attend, but over the past couple of years, I’ve really put the focus on not only challenging them physically, but truly putting the emphasis on challenging the way they view themselves and also challenging them to see that wellness is more than just physical fitness.

Holistic wellness (mental, social, physical, emotional, etc.) is something that I try to make the focus of my classes. It’s important for me to truly develop relationships and create an environment that facilitates growth, learning, and security. Ultimately, I want those who attend to walk away from the 50 minute class knowing that they are valued and that they have the power to be kind and create meaningful interactions with others, and most importantly, themselves.

You can catch Leah on Sundays for Total Body Tone at 4pm, or on Tuesdays for HIIT at 8pm in the fitness room of the city Campus Rec. See the full group fitness schedule at