You’re feeling pretty lousy. Sniffles, sneezing and a sore throat are wearing you down. You know you’re sick, but is it a cold, the flu or allergies?

These ailments share many symptoms, but understanding the differences will help you choose the best treatment so you can get well and focus on what’s most important — being a student.

Check out this symptom chart to determine whether you likely have a cold, the flu or airborne allergies.

Source: NIH News in Health, a service of the National Institutes of Health

See a doctor if you have a high fever, difficulty breathing, fainting or feeling of fainting, confusion, chest pain or pressure, or symptoms that last more than 10 days.

To make an appointment at Nebraska Medicine – University Health Center, call 402.472.5000. Some same day appointments may be available. The first five office visits per year are no extra charge for students who pay University Program and Facilities Fees.